Volcano Bowl

A tasty blend of rums and tropical juices serves 2 to 4 people. Served on fire!

Gilligan’s Island

Get stranded with this blend of vodka and tropical juices with a touch of peach! This mug features the Tiki Lounge logo on the back– the perfect souvenir of your “three hour tour!”

Fog Cutter

Find your way with this light blend of rum, brandy and tropical juices with a hint of apricot. Served in a blue, red or yellow parrot mug.

Big Bamboo Love Song

You’ll definitely fall in love with this mixture of rum and tropical juices, with a hint of lime.

Fu Manchu

A bubbly Southeast Asian specialty, delicately mingling rum and brandy with ginger and sours.

Coconut Kiss

Pucker up for a creamy coconut and pineapple blend infused with rum and a touch of Arabica & vanilla.

Suffering Bastard

What a way to suffer! Three kinds of rum colored with a splash of tropical juices.

Horney Monkey

Banana, coconut and pineapple flavors propelled by enough vodka and rum to get your monkey swinging.

Tropical Passion

Forget your troubles with this breezy vodka cocktail with refreshing passion-fruit and mango flavors.

Head Hunter

Hunt no longer! This magical mingling of rum, melon, coconut and pineapple will do the trick!


Take a shot in one of our mini Tiki mugs for only $6! You can purchase an empty Tiki shooter for $3 in a variety of colors.

Frozen Daiquiris & Margaritas

Original Margarita, Pina Colada, Strawberry, Peach Mango, Raspberry or Banana flavors. Margaritas are made with tequila and daiquiris are made with rum. Enjoy either in any flavor for the same price.

1944 Mai Tai

Rum and citrus liqueurs combine with lime juice in this classic Mai Tai that Tiki culture connoisseurs can reminisce with!


Rum with almond and citrus flavors balanced with sours.


Rum, pineapple, melon, and more pineapple. Finished with more rum and more pineapple … and a kiss of coconut.

Blue Hawaiian

A creamy blend of rum with coconut and pineapple flavors. Blue Curaçao finishes the tropical flavor and provides the signature color.

Hawaiian Mai Tai

Similar to Grand Wailea Hotel’s famous Mai Tai. Caribbean rums, tropical juices with a touch of vanilla and a dark Jamaican rum float

Sex on the Beach

A more popular cocktail is hard to find! Vodka, peach, pineapple and cranberry flavors fuel the desire!